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Four Reasons for Food Truck Awnings

Own a food truck? Get an awning!

  • 1. Las Vegas summers are no joke, keep your customers in the shade.
  • 2. Keep everyone dry on rainy days.
  • 3. Reduce glare on your menu board.
  • 4. Colorful awnings can complement the design of your food truck.

Bonus: They look cool! Retractable awnings are increasingly popular. They install easily and appeal to the cost-conscious operator. They have great eye-appeal, and really stand out to the lunchtime crowd. An awning is also an effective way to provide a faux storefront exterior to customers and will enhance your business when you have outdoor seating. Awnings are in demand in areas that experience hot sunny days like Southern Nevada, Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona, to name a few. Many concession trailer awnings are a larger size than the serving window to provide extended shade coverage. Canopies provide protection from the elements, even for merchandise displays. They help keep serving areas cool, which your employees will appreciate. At the end of the day, food truck awnings mean happy customers and increased sales!

Shade is so Cool!

As the Las Vegas summer fades into Fall, pleasant sunny days linger. There’s plenty of time left to enjoy your outdoor deck or patio.

“Whether your outdoor living space is used to host barbecues, throw pool parties or relax with a good book, adding a shade structure can contribute to the comfort and design of your outdoor retreat and keep you protected from wind, rain and harmful ultraviolet rays,” says Kate Campbell, a Toronto-based carpenter featured on HGTV’s “Decked Out.”

This is the time of year to find shade structures on sale. While patio umbrellas and popup canopy tents get the job done, a sturdier solution is a retractable or fixed awning. The most deluxe option of all is to build an enclosed or screened-in patio/porch.

Before you commit to any product, do your homework. Track how the sun moves across your property and through your yard, before you head out in search of Fall sales. Then sit back and enjoy the season!

Custom Residential Awning by Metro Awning & Iron
Custom Residential Awning by Metro Awning & Iron

A brief history of Awnings

We all love them and know them as a familiar staple of modern building design. Awnings play a vital role in our buildings, especially here in sunny Las Vegas where temperatures reach well over 110* F. However Awnings went through several changes as humanity got more and more adept at creating them. With that said lets briefly explore the birth and evolution of modern-day awnings.

Awnings in the 1800’s

The first awnings that appeared on communal buildings such as stores and banks were crude and improvised. Typically built out of wood or cast iron posts built into the sidewalk and supported by a front crossbar. While their construction may have been crude, the shade and cooler temperatures they provided couldn’t be denied as the awnings provided both! Following he conclusion of the American Civil War, awnings saw a radical growth in popularity. You can thank American industrialization for creating the first awning frames that were easily bent and weaved together to create any number of shapes. These innovations made awnings much more affordable and accessible to even the most humble of storefronts.

Awnings in the 1900’s

With awnings becoming more popular on buildings and storefronts the focus pivoted to creating more user-friendly variations including a distant cousin of the modern roller style awning popular even to this day! However back in the 1900s, they used a wooden or metal cylinder that was used to store the awning. They also featured a hand-operated gearbox that was either protected by wood or metal or built into the building. While it may sound crude by modern standards, this innovative awning feature increased the usability and adaptability of awnings tremendously, making them much more approachable to most building owners.

The brief decline of awnings popularity

As buildings increased in size and height, building design adapted to a much more modern and “flat” design that made awnings seem old and “Traditional”. These innovations in building design lead to a brief decline in awning popularity. However, as my tone may have suggested this brief lull didn’t last too long as we all know the familiar and welcoming shade that modern-day awnings provide. Awning manufacturers began pointing out the energy savings that awnings provide. Energy savings that we all are very familiar with modern-day awnings. Awnings also adapted to the sleek and new modern building designs by offering new sleek aluminum and fiberglass awnings.

Modern Day Awnings

We have now reached our beloved modern-day awnings. Awnings that offer incredible modern features in nearly any shape and size. Modern-day awnings offer innovations such as backlit awnings that can be used to proudly display a company’s logo and street address. However the love for traditional awnings hasn’t gone away, in fact, it has seen a recent resurgence in popularity as the triangular “Shed” style has become a popular purchase. Aside from shopping centers and malls, awnings are also appearing in historic neighborhoods and buildings. The awnings featured in these places are typically fixed frames that are nearly identical to the awnings that would have been popular 100 years ago! Talk about an easy choice to make, shade your customers and stay relevant to the period the building was built in? Sign me up!

5 Benefits of a Retractable Awning

Return on Investment

The elegance and practicality of a well built retractable awning will instantly add value to your residential or commercial property! They look incredible and provide cooling and protection from the harmful UV rays of our sun. If you’ve ever looked into your backyard space and felt like it could make a great outdoor living space, why not start with providing shade and a beautiful retractable awning.

Visually Stunning Backyard Shade

If you have a street-facing commercial property an awning can provide a great focal point to draw in potential customers. With a custom awning, you can have your company name and logo proudly displayed on your storefront. Not to mention the welcoming shade it provides that welcomes your customers back into the storefront or commercial space. Just tell your new customers to look for the store with the bright awning on your cross streets!

Work from home in style

Initially working from home as a remote contractor or as a self-employed professional is always exciting and empowering. However, if you’re like me you eventually feel caged by your home office, never really escaping the workload. There is an incredible alternative available! With a retractable awning, you can have an outdoor office right in your backyard or patio! The awning will provide shade and keep any weather away from you and workspace. Its really amazing how helpful being out in fresh air can be when you work from home!

Not just for Patios and Backyards

When you picture an awning, it’s easy to just see a small covered area. However, awnings are made custom to the size of space you need! If your property has a large balcony that you would like to fit with a retractable awning you can simply have it made longer so it covers the entire balcony. This feature allows for year-round coverage from both the sun and most weather conditions. High winds your probably best staying inside anyway.

They will fit anywhere

Most people assume an awning as to be over a large window or other large area but just isn’t true. Awnings can be built in nearly any shape and size and can easily provide coverage for circular windows, building corners and even angled windows! It’s best to consult a professional before committing to a single awning design choice as you may be pleasantly surprised at how much coverage can be provided with these versatile shade coverage options.

Tips for a Shade Sail Purchase

Nearly all outdoor spaces benefit from having a shade sail. From homes, commercial buildings, and schools all benefit from having protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our Shade sails are built with durable and flexible fabrics that are secured by powerful anchor posts, and then stretched to additional anchor points.

How does a Shade Sail benefit me?

Shade sails are beautiful and provide much needed shade, however they offer more than just UV Ray protection. They are actually great investment as they improve the aesthetics of any open air space. Shade sails also provide protection from other weather conditions such as rain and snow. The installation process allows for quite a great deal of flexibility as they can be installed and relocated with a small amount of carpentry work.

Shade Sail Practical Functionality

Lets be honest, the most powerful and most recognizable benefit of a shade sail is the aesthetics it brings to any outdoor space. Whether its a commercial or residential property shade sails have to match the colors and appearance of the outdoor space. This is especially true if the shade sail is meant to be up year round. However the benefits don’t end there. Due to their modular nature shade sails are extremely adaptable to most sizes of outdoor living spaces. However it’s worth noting that we should keep in mind that shade sails that are too small may fail in providing enough coverage.

Metro Awnings Las Vegas

We are proud to serve the communities of Clark County. Our Shade Sails are fully customizable with each sail being designed to fit each customer’s needs. Metro Awnings of Las Vegas is proud to offer Shade Sails that are built with heavy duty mounting hardware are made of reinforced UV protected Sail Cloth fabrics that are available in various colors and designs.

4 Reasons to own a Custom Parking Shade Structure

4 Reasons to own a Custom Parking Shade Structure

Metro Awnings is Las Vegas, Nevada’s custom shade structure expert! We design and fabricate every type of parking shade structures. If you are considering becoming the proud owner of a custom parking shade structure then maybe a few benefits will help swing you in the right direction.

Weather Protection

Parking your car under a tree will lead to tree sap and leaves corroding your vehicles paint, the leaves, when pushed off the car leave micro-abrasions in the paint and removing the tree sap, will lead to wearing the paint down. Parking your car under the sun in sunny las vegas will lead to cracking and eventually failure of your vehicles clear coat of paint, eventually leading to discoloration and lack of gloss. The best solution is a parking shade structure or parking in the garage. This will largely reduce damage to your paint from the harsh elements of the desert sun.

sun damaged car paint

Shaded Storage

Store your old high-school car safely, or maybe the work truck that doesn’t see as much use as it did before. Motorcycles and ATV’s also benefit from being stored in a covered space. The custom parking shade structure is designed to provide the most optimum amount of shade and protection to the space allocated.

Leather Seat Protection

We all know how powerful the Las Vegas sun can be, and sure enough, you forgot to put up the windscreen protector (again!). Those luxurious leather seats are now hotter than the surface of the sun and you need to get work, the only solution is to suffer through the burn. Not with a custom parking shade structure, there’s no forgetting to put a shade structure, you simply park beneath it.

RV Custom Parking Shade Structure

The HOA has complained about the eyesore that is the RV, and your seeing spots of worn paint. These two problems can both be solved by a custom parking shade structure. Protect that moving living space from the harsh Las Vegas sun with a new custom parking shade structure.