5 Benefits of a Retractable Awning

Return on Investment

The elegance and practicality of a well built retractable awning will instantly add value to your residential or commercial property! They look incredible and provide cooling and protection from the harmful UV rays of our sun. If you’ve ever looked into your backyard space and felt like it could make a great outdoor living space, why not start with providing shade and a beautiful retractable awning.

Visually Stunning Backyard Shade

If you have a street-facing commercial property an awning can provide a great focal point to draw in potential customers. With a custom awning, you can have your company name and logo proudly displayed on your storefront. Not to mention the welcoming shade it provides that welcomes your customers back into the storefront or commercial space. Just tell your new customers to look for the store with the bright awning on your cross streets!

Work from home in style

Initially working from home as a remote contractor or as a self-employed professional is always exciting and empowering. However, if you’re like me you eventually feel caged by your home office, never really escaping the workload. There is an incredible alternative available! With a retractable awning, you can have an outdoor office right in your backyard or patio! The awning will provide shade and keep any weather away from you and workspace. Its really amazing how helpful being out in fresh air can be when you work from home!

Not just for Patios and Backyards

When you picture an awning, it’s easy to just see a small covered area. However, awnings are made custom to the size of space you need! If your property has a large balcony that you would like to fit with a retractable awning you can simply have it made longer so it covers the entire balcony. This feature allows for year-round coverage from both the sun and most weather conditions. High winds your probably best staying inside anyway.

They will fit anywhere

Most people assume an awning as to be over a large window or other large area but just isn’t true. Awnings can be built in nearly any shape and size and can easily provide coverage for circular windows, building corners and even angled windows! It’s best to consult a professional before committing to a single awning design choice as you may be pleasantly surprised at how much coverage can be provided with these versatile shade coverage options.