Four Reasons for Food Truck Awnings

Own a food truck? Get an awning!

  • 1. Las Vegas summers are no joke, keep your customers in the shade.
  • 2. Keep everyone dry on rainy days.
  • 3. Reduce glare on your menu board.
  • 4. Colorful awnings can complement the design of your food truck.

Bonus: They look cool! Retractable awnings are increasingly popular. They install easily and appeal to the cost-conscious operator. They have great eye-appeal, and really stand out to the lunchtime crowd. An awning is also an effective way to provide a faux storefront exterior to customers and will enhance your business when you have outdoor seating. Awnings are in demand in areas that experience hot sunny days like Southern Nevada, Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona, to name a few. Many concession trailer awnings are a larger size than the serving window to provide extended shade coverage. Canopies provide protection from the elements, even for merchandise displays. They help keep serving areas cool, which your employees will appreciate. At the end of the day, food truck awnings mean happy customers and increased sales!