Tips for a Shade Sail Purchase

Nearly all outdoor spaces benefit from having a shade sail. From homes, commercial buildings, and schools all benefit from having protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our Shade sails are built with durable and flexible fabrics that are secured by powerful anchor posts, and then stretched to additional anchor points.

How does a Shade Sail benefit me?

Shade sails are beautiful and provide much needed shade, however they offer more than just UV Ray protection. They are actually great investment as they improve the aesthetics of any open air space. Shade sails also provide protection from other weather conditions such as rain and snow. The installation process allows for quite a great deal of flexibility as they can be installed and relocated with a small amount of carpentry work.

Shade Sail Practical Functionality

Lets be honest, the most powerful and most recognizable benefit of a shade sail is the aesthetics it brings to any outdoor space. Whether its a commercial or residential property shade sails have to match the colors and appearance of the outdoor space. This is especially true if the shade sail is meant to be up year round. However the benefits don’t end there. Due to their modular nature shade sails are extremely adaptable to most sizes of outdoor living spaces. However it’s worth noting that we should keep in mind that shade sails that are too small may fail in providing enough coverage.

Metro Awnings Las Vegas

We are proud to serve the communities of Clark County. Our Shade Sails are fully customizable with each sail being designed to fit each customer’s needs. Metro Awnings of Las Vegas is proud to offer Shade Sails that are built with heavy duty mounting hardware are made of reinforced UV protected Sail Cloth fabrics that are available in various colors and designs.