Custom Fabricated Shade Sail Systems

We design custom shade sail structural systems for both residential and commercial application. They are great for any outdoor living space that will benefit from additional shade and UV protection from the sun. Our outdoor-rated fabric is the only type that offers a 10-year warranty as well as earn the “Seal Of Recommendation” by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It’s been proven to provide up to 98% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays too.

Shade Sails are outstretched fabric canopies that come in a wide range of beautiful outdoor-rated fabric. The fabric canopy gets stretched to the state of high-tension, at multiple bearing points (three or more points), giving it a look that resembles a traditional sail on a sailboat. Here at Metro Awnings of Southern Nevada, we offer a wide range of aesthetic options when it comes to the color, size, and style of our tensioned shade sails. View a few of our shade sail design configurations below.

Shade Sail Structural Systems

Shade Structures and Tensioned Shade Sail Systems

Custom Commercial & Residential Shade Sail Fabric Canopies

Shade Sails have been used to provide convenient shade since the Greek and Roman empires. Historians document the use of large shade sails to provide shade to the Roman Colosseum. The shade structures were made from woven fabrics and cut to geometric shapes to fit any areas that needed extra shade. While cheaper and easier to build than alternative shade options, these knitted shade sails were susceptible to damaging UV rays, wind, and rain. These early shade sails required frequent maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Modern shade sails, constructed from flexible outdoor-rated fabric, are conditioned to resist damage from UV rays, high winds, and rain. Newer shade sail fabrics come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the many different outdoor environments and applications. Shade sails have several reinforced connection points and can be fixed in place or connected to rope/pulley systems to allow fast raising and lowering as needed. Many locations use multiple layers of shade sails to not only protect from wind and weather but also for design and aesthetics. Shade sails can be designed to compliment any area all year round.

Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada offers custom shade sails to fit your living space, as well as, your budget. We will design, build, and install a shade sail solution that works best for you and your living area. Our company has years of experience in residential and commercial installations. No shade sail, awning, or canopy project is too big or too small for Metro Awnings & Iron of Las Vegas.

In the realm of outdoor aesthetic and functional design, shade sails emerge as both a visual and practical powerhouse. With their graceful forms and potent protective capabilities, they transform residential and commercial spaces into havens of comfort and style. Available in a myriad of designs, shade sails offer a versatile solution to the challenges of outdoor living and working spaces, balancing elegance and functionality with effortless charm.

Residential Shade Sail Applications

Triangular Shade Sails

Triangular shade sails bring a touch of modern artistry to home gardens, patios, and pools. Their peaked design allows for optimal sun protection, casting elegantly shaped shadows that dance with the changing angles of the sun. Easy to install and adjust, they provide homeowners with a flexible solution for creating shaded areas that merge seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Rectangular and Square Shade Sails

For those seeking comprehensive coverage and a classic aesthetic, rectangular and square shade sails are the go-to choice. They offer extensive shaded areas, making them perfect for covering outdoor dining spaces, lounges, and play areas. The clean lines and symmetrical design complement both traditional and modern architectural styles.

Commercial Shade Sail Applications

Custom Shade Sails

In the commercial realm, custom shade sails stand out, offering bespoke solutions tailored to diverse architectural and functional needs. Businesses, from cafes to corporate campuses, leverage these to create visually striking outdoor spaces that offer respite from the elements. Customization allows for branding opportunities, aligning aesthetics with corporate identity.

Hyperbolic Shade Sails

Known for their curvilinear forms and dramatic visual appeal, hyperbolic shade sails are a favorite in commercial settings. They serve not only as protective elements but also as iconic visual landmarks, drawing attention and making a bold architectural statement.

Functional Benefits

Shade sails are engineered for optimal UV protection, reducing the risk of sun exposure while creating comfortable outdoor spaces. Their breathable fabric design ensures a cooler underneath climate, promoting airflow and reducing temperatures. Made with durable, weather-resistant materials, they stand up to the elements, promising longevity and minimal maintenance.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic versatility of shade sails lies in their varied colors, shapes, and configurations. They can be layered and angled to create visually captivating spaces, playing with light and shadow to enhance the outdoor experience. Their fluid forms bring a sense of movement and dynamism, turning ordinary spaces into artistic landscapes.


Whether gracing a private backyard or a bustling commercial hub, shade sails unify form and function with unparalleled elegance. Their protective prowess and visual versatility make them a preferred choice for those looking to combine comfort, safety, and style. Explore the world of shade sail styles, and step into a realm where aesthetic excellence and functional brilliance coalesce into outdoor spaces that captivate, protect, and endure.

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