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4 Reasons to own a Custom Parking Shade Structure

4 Reasons to own a Custom Parking Shade Structure

Metro Awnings is Las Vegas, Nevada’s custom shade structure expert! We design and fabricate every type of parking shade structures. If you are considering becoming the proud owner of a custom parking shade structure then maybe a few benefits will help swing you in the right direction.

Weather Protection

Parking your car under a tree will lead to tree sap and leaves corroding your vehicles paint, the leaves, when pushed off the car leave micro-abrasions in the paint and removing the tree sap, will lead to wearing the paint down. Parking your car under the sun in sunny las vegas will lead to cracking and eventually failure of your vehicles clear coat of paint, eventually leading to discoloration and lack of gloss. The best solution is a parking shade structure or parking in the garage. This will largely reduce damage to your paint from the harsh elements of the desert sun.

sun damaged car paint

Shaded Storage

Store your old high-school car safely, or maybe the work truck that doesn’t see as much use as it did before. Motorcycles and ATV’s also benefit from being stored in a covered space. The custom parking shade structure is designed to provide the most optimum amount of shade and protection to the space allocated.

Leather Seat Protection

We all know how powerful the Las Vegas sun can be, and sure enough, you forgot to put up the windscreen protector (again!). Those luxurious leather seats are now hotter than the surface of the sun and you need to get work, the only solution is to suffer through the burn. Not with a custom parking shade structure, there’s no forgetting to put a shade structure, you simply park beneath it.

RV Custom Parking Shade Structure

The HOA has complained about the eyesore that is the RV, and your seeing spots of worn paint. These two problems can both be solved by a custom parking shade structure. Protect that moving living space from the harsh Las Vegas sun with a new custom parking shade structure.

How To Clean Residential Awnings

Keeping your residential awnings clean and free of debris will extend the life and vibrancy of your awning’s fabrics. Once a month hose the awnings with clean water, this helps prevent stains from setting and reduces the amount of more intense cleaning. However, a deep clean every 2 and a half years will be required.

Light cleaning quick guide.
Remove any loose dirt or debris to prevent damaging the fabric and awning. Using clean water hose down the awning, it doesn’t need to be heavily saturated. Combine water and dishwashing fluid, enough to be generous in application to the awning. Apply the cleaning solution to awning using a brush or towel ensuring that the solution penetrates the fabric. Using a hose rinse the fabric to prevent soil residue stains. Allow the awning fabric to air. Follow this monthly routine will keep your residential awning looking good as new and ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

Benefits of Commercial Awnings

Awnings provide more than just comfortable protection from the sun for your customers, they tell the consumer that you have their best interest in mind. If your commercial building doesn’t have an awning or canopy lets take a moment to consider the many benefits.

We have got to start with the immediate aesthetic benefit of a bright and welcoming awning to welcome new and returning customers. It looks great and as we all first impressions make or break lasting opinions. Potential customers are more likely to see your business and thus more likely to go in and browse.

Let your brand shine high and proudly, placing your brand on the face of the awnings provides a professional and considerate reminder of your commitment to customer satisfication. A commercial awning provides you the opportunity to put your logo front and center of anyone facing your storefront.

Ok lets talk energy savings. Where you aware that on a hot summer day more heat penetrates the building from a single window pane, than an entire insulated building wall? This heat forces the air conditioner to work overtime, driving your electric bill through the roof. The thick and heavy fabric of an awning will help divert and absorb the heat away from the building. Which leads to significant savings in your electric bill!

Commercial awnings are built and designed from the ground up to be a long term investment. If your in :as Vegas and are considering investing in a commercial awning feel free to contact us today!

Benefits of a Shade Sail

A shade sail provides protection from harmful UV rays while also transforming your backyard, easily matching your outdoor décor with various colors and options. A shade sail provides an elegant solution to a common problem while also improving the aesthetics of your backyard or patio. With many design variations that can easily accommodate any outdoor space.

A shade sail provides an elegant solution to a common problem

Custom Shade Sails

Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada offers custom shade sails to fit your living space, as well as, your budget. We will design, build, and install a shade sail solution that works best for you and your living area. Our company has years of experience in residential and commercial installations. No shade sail, awning, or canopy project is too big or too small for Metro Awnings & Iron of Las Vegas.

Sail Canopies

This variation of the shade sail was designed from the bottom up to accommodate various forms with style and functionality. Built using flexible shade material and durable anchor points, they are the perfect choice for your outdoor living space providing both protection from the sun and elegant design.

Weather Resistant Canopies

Created for heavy outdoor wear and tear, the fabric and materials used were chosen to make them weather resistant and water repellant. For outdoor living spaces that are exposed to light and weather such as rain, these shade sails are the perfect solution.

Custom Cabanas in Las Vegas

Custom Beach Cabanas by Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, NV

by Metro Awnings & IronMetro Awnings Brand Logo - Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom Beach Cabanas by Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, NV

Custom Cabanas in Las Vegas

Metro Awnings & Iron of Las Vegas, Nevada designs, constructs, and installs custom awnings, shade structures, and canopies across the Las Vegas valley. Did you know that we design, construct, and install custom swimming pool cabanas for home and commercial properties?

Custom Ironwork Powder-coating by Metro Awnings & Iron

Custom Ironwork

The team at Metro Awnings & Iron expertly crafts and installs custom swimming pool cabanas. Our ironwork powder-coating comes in a variety of colors to match any decor. The powder-coating also protects our custom ironwork from environmental hazards such as UV rays, dust storms, rain, and hail.

Custom Pool Side Canopies with Iron Support Structures

Industry-leading guarantee

Our custom poolside cabanas at Metro Awnings & Iron come crafted with Subrella fabrics. Sunbrella fabric comes with an industry-leading 10-year guarantee against fading and wear. The material comes in a large variety of colors and patterns to suit any environment. Our favorite part of using Sunbrella fabric is that our materials are 100% Made in the USA!

Custom Cabanas in Las Vegas

Custom Round Canopy by Metro Awnings & Iron

Metro Awnings & Iron
4525 W Hacienda Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Call (702) 795-7787 to schedule your consultation.

Best Custom Awnings in Las Vegas

90 Ninety Bar and Grill Custom Commercial Awning System by Metro

Metro Awnings & Iron, Las Vegas Nevada

Metro Awnings & Iron manufactures the best custom awnings in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom awnings, canopies, shade sails, tension structures, and supporting framework, Metro Awnings delivers excellence. You might not recognize our name, but our custom awning installations can be seen across Southern Nevada.

Consultation with the experts

Our custom awning process begins with the consultation. Our team reviews the property, structures, and discusses the overall goal and budget for the custom awning project. The experts review the options and develops a proposal for review and approval. We take the property, space, and budget and draft the final design for our custom awning manufacturing process. Using the latest technology, Metro Awnings designs your awnings with style, precision, and care.

Custom awning manufacturing

Everything Metro Awnings & Iron manufactures is 100% Made in the USA, including the industry-leading Sunbrella fabric products. We combine state-of-the-art technology with decades of experience to manufacture our custom awnings, shade sails, patio covers, and shade structures. Our experts ensure the best quality finish. Along with the fabric pieces, our team of experts builds the custom iron supporting structures. Metro Awnings & Iron has many options for custom iron finishes and even colorful powder coating for our iron support structures.

Our time is your time

Metro Awnings & Iron follows the production schedule to ensure that every project completed is on time and budget. We understand that people value their time and energy, so Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas knows not to waste either. The installation crew efficiently installs each awning with the production schedule in mind. Our time is your time.

Best custom awnings in Las Vegas

When you are looking for the best custom awnings in Las Vegas, trust the experience and expertise at Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have everything needed to deliver top quality custom awnings, shade sails, patio covers, shade structures, canopies, poolside cabanas, and more!

Call Metro Awnings & Iron today at: (702) 795-7787

Metro Awnings & Iron is located at:
4525 W Hacienda Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Retractable Awnings in Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom Retractable Awning by Metro Awnings & Iron

Metro Awnings & Iron

Here Comes the Sunbrella

With Southern Nevada thawing out from the unusually cold and snowy winter, retractable awning season in Las Vegas is just around the corner. Metro Awnings & Iron is a top manufacturer of fully customized retractable awnings. With years of experience in the custom awning and shade structure business, Metro Awnings is a name you can trust. We design and manufacture awnings, shade sails, shade structures, custom canopies, and patio covers with the best warranty against fade and weathering. Using 100% Made in the USA Sunbrella fabric, Metro Awnings & Iron builds customized retractable awnings to last 10-years or more. If you are shopping for a company to develop and install your retractable awning, look no further than Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas.

Retractable Awnings Las Vegas – Facts

  • Metro Awnings retractable awnings with Sunbrella fabrics are the only ones endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation for their legendary UV protection.
  • Metro Awnings builds custom iron support structures that facilitate installation even on tricky or complicated roof and wall structures. We also offer custom powder coating for our iron structures to protect against corrosion, UV fading, dust storms, high winds, chemicals, and other environmental conditions. Our powder coating also comes in a variety of colors to complement any environment.
  • Retractable awnings create additional protected living space year round. Metro Awnings custom retractable awnings are a hassle-free way to enjoy your outdoor living area. When the weather is right, you can quickly retract your awning and enjoy the deep southern Nevada sky. When the heat and UV index climbs, effortlessly extend the retractable awning for relief.
  • On average, retractable awnings can reduce indoor temperatures by 8 to 15 degrees which reduce the energy needed to cool interior spaces. By reducing UV and sunlight exposure, HVAC units will not need to work as hard to keep your interior cool. Less heat and lower utility bills are something any homeowner will enjoy.
  • Most retractable awnings are motorized and will effortlessly open and retract with a push of a button. Many new retractable awnings in Las Vegas have remote control operation which makes utilizing them even better than before.

Now that summer is on the way, what better time to call Metro Awnings & Iron for your retractable awning consultation.

Call Metro Awnings & Iron at (702) 795-7787 and schedule your consultation today. We are located at 4525 W Hacienda Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89118.

Open Monday through Friday 6 am – 3 pm.

Awnings Las Vegas – Metro Awnings & Iron

Drai's Nightclub - Custom Side Awnings by Metro Awnings & Iron

Custom Awnings – Las Vegas

Metro Awnings & Iron is a leading provider of custom Awnings in Las Vegas, Nevada. Backed with 100% “Made in the USA” Sunbrella fabrics, Metro Awnings custom Awnings, Shade Sails, Canopies, Shade Structures, and Pool Cabanas have the best warranty available. See our Gallery of Residential and Commercial custom awning projects! You may not know our company by name, but you have seen our work all over the Las Vegas Valley.

Expert Consultation

Our custom Awnings in Las Vegas start with a consultation with one of our industry experts. Our experienced guidance for your custom awning/canopy/shade sail/cabana project will save time and money both immediately and in the long run. Having a consultation helps identify where the shade is needed and what styles of awning aesthetically compliments the surroundings. Our experts work closely with every customer to ensure that the final product installation meets and exceeds expectations.

CAD Design and Manufacturing

Once our consultation is completed, we use state-of-the-art CAD software to create the blueprints and mock-up of the final awning layout. With the design render approved, our fabrication team works diligently to create the custom iron support structures and awning fabric panels. We don’t stop there, Metro Awnings & Iron, Inc can even powder coat all steel and aluminum metal to ensure no rusting or corrosion. Everything is fitted and tested to ensure proper fit and function. Once the fabrication is completed and tested, our construction team delivers the fabric and structure to the location and professionally installs the awnings, canopies, and shade structures.

Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas fabricates and installs all types of residential and commercial Awnings, Pool Cabanas, Entrance Canopies, Shade Structures, Window Awnings, and Retractable Awnings. We use only “Top Quality Fabrics to ensure the longest life of our work. Our fabric offers a 10-year warranty and has been proven to provide up to 98% protection from the sun’s harmful effects. Sunbrella fabrics are the only fabric to earn the “Seal Of Recommendation” by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

When you are ready to talk to the professionals about your custom awnings in Las Vegas, call Metro Awnings & Iron at (702) 795-7787.

Six Benefits of Residential Awnings

Residential Awning Systems Fabricated in Las Vegas, Nevada - Metro Awnings

Six Benefits of Residential Awnings – by Metro Awnings & Iron, Las Vegas, Nevada

We will explore six ways that a residence benefits from having residential awnings installed on their property. At home, the return on investment is important too. Metro Awnings & Iron understands this principle. We have compiled a list of six ways that a residence directly benefits from having awnings and canopies installed on their property.

Six ways that a residence benefits by installing awnings

* Energy efficiency and heat reduction.

Adding awnings and canopies on windows and doors will add energy efficiency to a property. By adding UV resistant awnings and canopies, interior spaces will stay cooler and reduce the workload of HVAC systems. Less light entering a property equals direct savings in daily operating costs.

* UV protection for family and pets.

In Las Vegas, a family knows how fast the desert sun can blind, burn, and annoy family members and visitors. Everyone in Southern Nevada has found themselves inside a property without window protection. Installing window awnings can reduce UV exposure and significantly add to the quality of life for family and pets alike.

* UV protection for interiors and furniture.

In Las Vegas, a homeowner quickly learns how fast the desert sun can adversely affect property interiors and furnishings. Curtains, blinds, flooring, equipment, and furniture alike can soon fade, dry out, and rot when exposed to harsh UV light. Installing window awnings can reduce UV exposure and add years of longevity to property and materials.

* Protection from weather.

Having awnings and canopies installed provides comfort, shade, and weather protection to family, friends, and visitors. Las Vegas at any season can experience harsh UV rays, wind, and rain. The addition of custom awnings and canopies can significantly improve the living experience.

* Curb appeal with many styles and colors

Modern fabrics have a seemingly endless array of colors, textures, and styles to choose from. Metro Awnings & Iron uses industry-leading Sunbrella fabrics which are Made in the USA!

* Durable modern fabrics

Modern fabrics last longer than ever. Breakthroughs in awning fabric and upholstery technology have given an edge to Sunbrella fabrics. Metro Awnings & Iron uses industry-leading Sunbrella fabrics that have an industry-leading 10-year warranty against fading and wear.

There has never been a better time to capitalize on a great opportunity and talk with the experts at Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada about what they can do for your home.

Call us at (702) 795-7787.

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