4 Reasons to own a Custom Parking Shade Structure

4 Reasons to own a Custom Parking Shade Structure

Metro Awnings is Las Vegas, Nevada’s custom shade structure expert! We design and fabricate every type of parking shade structures. If you are considering becoming the proud owner of a custom parking shade structure then maybe a few benefits will help swing you in the right direction.

Weather Protection

Parking your car under a tree will lead to tree sap and leaves corroding your vehicles paint, the leaves, when pushed off the car leave micro-abrasions in the paint and removing the tree sap, will lead to wearing the paint down. Parking your car under the sun in sunny las vegas will lead to cracking and eventually failure of your vehicles clear coat of paint, eventually leading to discoloration and lack of gloss. The best solution is a parking shade structure or parking in the garage. This will largely reduce damage to your paint from the harsh elements of the desert sun.

sun damaged car paint

Shaded Storage

Store your old high-school car safely, or maybe the work truck that doesn’t see as much use as it did before. Motorcycles and ATV’s also benefit from being stored in a covered space. The custom parking shade structure is designed to provide the most optimum amount of shade and protection to the space allocated.

Leather Seat Protection

We all know how powerful the Las Vegas sun can be, and sure enough, you forgot to put up the windscreen protector (again!). Those luxurious leather seats are now hotter than the surface of the sun and you need to get work, the only solution is to suffer through the burn. Not with a custom parking shade structure, there’s no forgetting to put a shade structure, you simply park beneath it.

RV Custom Parking Shade Structure

The HOA has complained about the eyesore that is the RV, and your seeing spots of worn paint. These two problems can both be solved by a custom parking shade structure. Protect that moving living space from the harsh Las Vegas sun with a new custom parking shade structure.