Shade is so Cool!

As the Las Vegas summer fades into Fall, pleasant sunny days linger. There’s plenty of time left to enjoy your outdoor deck or patio.

“Whether your outdoor living space is used to host barbecues, throw pool parties or relax with a good book, adding a shade structure can contribute to the comfort and design of your outdoor retreat and keep you protected from wind, rain and harmful ultraviolet rays,” says Kate Campbell, a Toronto-based carpenter featured on HGTV’s “Decked Out.”

This is the time of year to find shade structures on sale. While patio umbrellas and popup canopy tents get the job done, a sturdier solution is a retractable or fixed awning. The most deluxe option of all is to build an enclosed or screened-in patio/porch.

Before you commit to any product, do your homework. Track how the sun moves across your property and through your yard, before you head out in search of Fall sales. Then sit back and enjoy the season!

Custom Residential Awning by Metro Awning & Iron
Custom Residential Awning by Metro Awning & Iron