Benefits of a Shade Sail

A shade sail provides protection from harmful UV rays while also transforming your backyard, easily matching your outdoor décor with various colors and options. A shade sail provides an elegant solution to a common problem while also improving the aesthetics of your backyard or patio. With many design variations that can easily accommodate any outdoor space.

A shade sail provides an elegant solution to a common problem

Custom Shade Sails

Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada offers custom shade sails to fit your living space, as well as, your budget. We will design, build, and install a shade sail solution that works best for you and your living area. Our company has years of experience in residential and commercial installations. No shade sail, awning, or canopy project is too big or too small for Metro Awnings & Iron of Las Vegas.

Sail Canopies

This variation of the shade sail was designed from the bottom up to accommodate various forms with style and functionality. Built using flexible shade material and durable anchor points, they are the perfect choice for your outdoor living space providing both protection from the sun and elegant design.

Weather Resistant Canopies

Created for heavy outdoor wear and tear, the fabric and materials used were chosen to make them weather resistant and water repellant. For outdoor living spaces that are exposed to light and weather such as rain, these shade sails are the perfect solution.