Upholstery Fabrics

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What is Upholstery?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term Upholstery as: “materials (such as fabric, padding, and springs) used to make a soft covering especially for a seat”. Traditional upholstery uses materials like a cow, horse, and hog hair, straw, wadding, linen scrims, and leather. Modern upholstery utilizes synthetic materials like Dacron and vinyl which add to the longevity of the fabric.

The right material for the right job

Upholstery fabric should be suited for the use and durable enough to handle the functionality needed. A material that easily rips or tears will not make a good upholstery for a couch. A fabric that cannot repel water will not make a good upholstery for an outdoor canopy in an area that gets a lot of rain. A material that is not suited for UV light rays will quickly fade when exposed to sunlight.

Knowing what fabrics to use for what purpose is a big part of what professional upholsterers understand. The upholstery that works perfectly for a shade-sail might not be right to apply for a pillowcase. The fabric used for a custom outdoor awning may not look or feel right when used as a seat cover. Knowing when and were to use an upholstery fabric is where having an expert comes in handy.

No need to guess

Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada takes the guesswork out of upholstery fabric for their custom awnings, shade sails, canopies, and shade structures by using professional grade Sunbrella fabrics. The reasons for using Sunbrella fabrics are easy to understand. We will now discuss some of the more prominent reasons for using Sunbrella in our custom shade solutions.

Why Sunbrella fabrics?

Sun Protection – Sunbrella shade fabrics are high in UPF protection. Sunbrella fabrics are the only brand recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.

UV and Fade Resistant – Sunbrella fibers are saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing methods only add color to the fiber exterior. Sunbrella fabrics’ performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time.

Mold and Mildew Resistant – Sunbrella fabrics inherently resist the growth of mold and mildew. To keep your fabrics looking clean, brush off dirt and debris before it gets embedded in the material.

Bleach Cleanable – To easily remove tough stains, simply clean Sunbrella fabrics with a bleach solution. Because the color goes to the core of the fiber, the fabrics will not lose their color.

Breathable Fabric – Sunbrella shade fabrics are breathable and allow air to pass through them, creating a comfortable space below.

10-Year Warranty – Sunbrella fabrics are the industry leaders with their 10-year warranty against fading and weathering.

MADE IN THE USA! What more can we say?!

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