Seven Benefits from Commercial Awnings

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Seven Benefits from Commercial Awnings – by Metro Awnings & Iron, Las Vegas, Nevada

We will explore seven ways that a business benefits by having commercial awnings installed on their property. In business, the return on investment is important. Metro Awnings & Iron understands this principle. We have a list of seven ways that business directly benefits by having awnings and canopies installed on their property.

Seven ways that business benefits by installing awnings

* Better durability of modern fabrics and frame materials

Recent years have seen a significant improvement in the quality and durability of awning and canopy fabrics. Not too long ago, outdoor awnings were something that faded and weathered in only a couple of years. When a property did not want a ‘tired’ curb appeal, awnings needed frequent repair and replacement. Modern outdoor awnings should not need a replacement for at least a decade. Thanks to updated fabric options from companies like Sunbrella, awning fabrics will have 10-year warranties against UV fading and weathering.

* Visual/Curb appeal

Awnings add visual and curb appeal to properties. With the recent improvements in fabric durability also comes a much larger selection of colors and patterns to choose from. Another big visual improvement is having colors that are embedded in the fabric itself to improve fabric longevity. Finally, awning and canopy fabrics that visually compliment a structure and will not fade after a couple of years.

* Expand outdoor retail space and/or seating options

Many businesses depend on maximizing profit by square foot from their property. Adding custom outdoor awnings and canopies will provide extra footage for retail displays, customer seating, merchandise, and information kiosks.

* Energy efficiency/cooler interior

Adding awnings and canopies on windows and doors will add energy efficiency to a property. By adding UV resistant awnings and canopies, interior spaces will stay cooler and reduce the workload of HVAC systems. Less light entering a property equals direct savings in daily operating costs.

* UV protection for interiors and furnishings

In Southern Nevada, a business owner quickly learns how quickly the desert sun can adversely affect property interiors and furnishings. Curtains, blinds, flooring, equipment, and furniture alike can quickly fade, dry out, and rot when exposed to harsh UV light. Installing window awnings can reduce UV exposure and add years of longevity to property and materials.

* Brand promotion and marketing

Speaking of modern awning and canopy fabrics, advertising a business or brand has never been easier! Quality awnings can be used as the perfect branding tool for business names, logos, and brands. With so many fabric colors, patterns, and textures available, now has never been a better time to harness the visual marketing power from an awning or canopy.

* Sun and weather protection for customers and employees

Last but certainly not least, having awnings and canopies installed provides comfort, shade, and weather protection to business customers and employees. Southern Nevada at any season can experience harsh UV rays, wind, and rain. The addition of custom awnings and canopies can greatly improve the experience for customers and employees alike.

The bottom line

There has never been a better time to capitalize on a great opportunity and talk with the experts at Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada about what they can do for your business. Call us at (702) 795-7787.

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