Box Enclosure Awning - front left view

Box Enclosure Awning

The Box Enclosure Awning has a four-sided frame. The four side panels are covered in fabric/canvas with an open top and bottom. Box Enclosure Awnings are typically found both indoors and outdoors and are commonly used for promotional retail displays, media events, and trade show booths when visitors will be able to clearly see and read from all four sides.

At Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada, all of our custom awnings utilize Sunbrella fabrics which have an industry leading 10-year Warranty. Our custom Sunbrella fabrics are also 100% Made in the USA just like the rest of our product line! We are proud to manufacture and customize every piece of our awning and canopy structures right here in the Las Vegas area.

Fun fact: Awnings began to be seen along storefronts in America during the 19th Century. These early awnings were often improvised designs and built with timber and iron scraps. These early awnings had problems holding up to weather and were frequently repaired or replaced. Modern awning materials have addressed many of the issues found with early designs.