What We Do Here at Metro Awnings & Iron

Here at Metro Awnings & Iron, we fabricate and install all types of residential and commercial Awnings, Pool Cabanas, Entrance Canopies, Shade Structures, Window Awnings, and Retractable Awnings. We use only the highest quality outdoor fabrics in the fabrication of our custom shade structures, ensuring long-term product durability and aesthetic appeal. Our outdoor fabric is the only one that offers a 10-year warranty, has been proven to provide up to 98% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and it is the only fabric that has earned the “Seal Of Recommendation” by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Powder Coating

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a dry form of painting. The equipment we use consist of an electrostatic powder gun, and large industrial ovens. The metal part is grounded and the powder that comes out of the gun is positively charged. This charged powder clings to the metal. We then put the awnings into one of our large (8’x8’x22′) industrial ovens, then bake the awning at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. This allows the powder to bake into the pores of the metal. The end result is a strong flexible finish similar to an automotive type finish. The best choice for all awnings is powder coating because powder coating is 5-10 times stronger than liquid paint, it has the best UV, Rust, Corrosion, and chemical protection. Powder Coating comes in many colors from Metallics to basic reds, black, white, and textures. Rest assured that when you purchase an awning or custom Ironwork from Metro Awnings Las Vegas, NV you are getting the very best in quality work. Free Estimate

Surface Preparation

Proper substrate preparation is required to obtain the desired functional and mechanical characteristics formulated into a specific powder coating. Proper selection of the preparation method is one of the most important tasks that a coater must do to achieve the best finish possible. Choosing the right color for your project. Metro Awnings & Iron offers a complete line of powder coating colors to fit your application. The majority of colors we keep in stock are Super Durable Polyester coatings. Our super durable powder coating formulations offer superior protection in the toughest environments. Feel free to stop by our powder coating facility and browse our color selections to pick the perfect color for your next upcoming project.

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