Traditional Open Awning - front left view

Traditional Open Awning

The Traditional Open Awning, also known as an Open Ended Awning, has a single-sided frame attached to the building structure. The steep slope top is covered in fabric/canvas or other materials with both sides open-ended. The retractable version of the Traditional Open Awning will not typically show support bars along the sides while the fixed version will usually have visible support bars along each side. This type of awning is commonly found in front of buildings along walkways. The Traditional Open Awning has an elongated slope in the front to provide shade and basic weather protection. The large slope surface offers plenty of real estate for printing large size logos, graphics, text, and other designs and can be constructed to be backlit to make any designs easily visible at night.

At Metro Awnings & Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada, all of our custom awnings utilize Sunbrella fabrics which have an industry leading 10-year Warranty. Our custom Sunbrella fabrics are also 100% Made in the USA just like the rest of our product line! We are proud to manufacture and customize every piece of our awning and canopy structures right here in the Las Vegas area.

Fun fact: The history of awnings can be traced back to Africa and the Middle-East when animal skins were frequently attached to huts and other dwellings to provide extra shade and protection from wind and weather. Today, we have treated canvas and vinyl awning fabrics that can come in any combination of colors and styles.